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Do Cataracts Grow Back? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-10-05
Are you suffering from cataracts, but anxious about surgery? Learn how cataract surgery can stop your cataracts from growing back.

When is Cataract Surgery Needed? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-09-07
Have you recently been diagnosed with cataracts? Learn when cataract surgery is needed, and why you should not wait until the last minute to seek treatment.

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts? - Read More

Author:Dr. Michael AhdootDate:2017-08-07
One of the greatest indicator to tell if you have cataracts is blurred vision. There are also some lesser known risk factors and indications. Learn more here.

Have I Caused My Cataracts? - Read More

Author:Dr. Michael AhdootDate:2017-07-08
Are you worried that you've done something to cause your eye doctor? Read our blog to learn what caused your cataracts and ways to avoid them.

How Common Are Cataracts? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-06-05
Are you worried you might have cataracts? Cataracts are not an uncommon age-related eye disorder. Learn more about cataracts, and how to detect them.

What is a Cataract - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-05-09
Cataracts are a common age-related eye disorder that is easily treated. Learn about cataracts, how they form & how to prevent them.