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Myths About Laser Eye Surgery Debunked - READ MORE

Categories:Vision CorrectionAuthor:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2020-08-31
Dr. Ahdoot in Sunnyside NY debunks myths about laser eye surgery to ensure patients make informed decisions about their eye health. Call 718-565-2020 today!

How to Choose the Right Cataract Surgeon - Read More

Progressive Ophthalmology offers patient tips on choosing the right cataract surgeon in Queens NY. Learn training & education to look for in an eye doctor.

When to Seek Medical Help for an Eye Problem - Read More

Dealing with changes in your eye health or vision? Learn about common eye disorders & when to seek medical help for an eye problem. Call 718-565-2020!

Am I a Candidate for Premium IOLs? - READ MORE

Interested in premium IOLs? Cataract surgeon in Queens, NY, Dr. Michael Ahdoot provides information to determine if you are a candidate for premium IOLs.

Traditional Cataract Surgery vs. Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery - READ MORE

Learn the differences between the types of cataract surgery: laser-assisted cataract surgery & traditional cataract surgery with our Sunnyside cataract surgeon.

Can I Prevent Cataracts? Read More

Learn tips on how to delay the onset of cataracts with our Ophthalmologist in Sunnyside NY at Progressive Ophthalmology. Contact us today to learn more.

Can I Live Without Treatment for Cataracts? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2019-10-23
Cataracts can be an incredibly debilitating eye disorder. Learn if you can live without cataract treatment, and when cataract surgery is necessary.

Can I Get Cataract Surgery On Both Eyes At The Same Time? - READ MORE

Cataracts are one of the most common ocular conditions seen in older patients, affecting more than 24 million Americans who are over the age of 40. Studies show that by the age of 80, more than half of all Americans will have cataract in at least one eye. Unfortunately, it is a progressive condition that cannot be halted, and the only option for patients to be able to see clearly once more is to undergo surgery. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract in both eyes, you are probably already thinking about surgery, particularly if your vision is already significantly compromised.

Are There Any Side Effects From LASIK? - READ MORE

LASIK laser vision correction is a permanent way of altering a patient’s vision so that you are much less or no longer reliant on eyeglasses or contact lenses to see clearly. It works by changing the shape of the front window of the eye, known as the cornea, so that light is refracted more accurately. This enables the image that the retina sends to your brain to be viewed with much greater clarity.

Tips for Recovering from Cataract Surgery - Read More

Here are our top tips for a swift and healthy recovery from your cataract surgery.

Dry Eyes After LASIK - READ MORE

Categories:Vision CorrectionAuthor:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2018-11-26
Dry eyes are sometimes a side effect after LASIK surgery. Learn about dry eyes after LASIK, and how to treat it.

How to Prepare for LASIK - READ MORE

Categories:Vision CorrectionAuthor:Progressive OphthamologyDate:2018-10-19
Before undergoing LASIK, patients will need to prepare for their procedure. Learn how to prepare for LASIK, and what to expect after your treatment.

Are the Effects of LASIK Permanent? - READ MORE

Author:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2018-07-09
The effects of LASIK can drastically improve your vision, giving some patients 20/20 eyesight. Learn more about the effects of LASIK and whether it will permanently improve your vision.

Benefits of Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) - READ MORE

Author:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2018-06-06
Intraocular lenses, or IOLs, effectively treat a range of eye disorders, and they are sometimes used as an alternative to LASIK. Learn more about the benefits of IOLs here.

Reducing Risk of Infection After LASIK - READ MORE

Author:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2018-05-14
Following appropriate eye care after LASIK can help reduce the risk of infection. Learn more on taking care of eyes after LASIK surgery.

How to Prevent Blepharitis - Read More

Author:Progressive OphthalmologyDate:2018-04-05
Blepharitis is an irritating eye condition that is somewhat easy to prevent. Learn these tips on how to prevent blepharitis and keep your condition from worsening.

Causes and Treatments for Diabetic Retinopathy - Read More

Author:Progressive Ophthalmology Date:2018-03-07
Diabetic retinopathy is a lesser-known diabetic complication that can lead to blindness. Learn the causes and treatments for diabetic retinopathy at Progressive Ophthalmology.

What are the differences between PRK and LASIK? - READ MORE

PRK and LASIK are common laser vision corrections. Learn the differences between PRK and LASIK at Progressive Ophthalmology in Queens, NY.

What Causes Glaucoma - Read More

Author:Dr. Michael AhdootDate:2017-12-05
Glaucoma is a common eye condition that can lead to complete blindness. Learn the what causes glaucoma.

What are Intraocular Lenses Made Of? - Read More

Author:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-11-07
During cataract surgery, the eye's lens is replaced with an intraocular lens. Learn what intraocular lenses are made of, and how they work at Progressive Ophthalmology in Sunnyside New York.

Do Cataracts Grow Back? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-10-05
Are you suffering from cataracts, but anxious about surgery? Learn how cataract surgery can stop your cataracts from growing back.

When is Cataract Surgery Needed? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-09-07
Have you recently been diagnosed with cataracts? Learn when cataract surgery is needed, and why you should not wait until the last minute to seek treatment.

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts? - Read More

Author:Dr. Michael AhdootDate:2017-08-07
One of the greatest indicator to tell if you have cataracts is blurred vision. There are also some lesser known risk factors and indications. Learn more here.

Have I Caused My Cataracts? - Read More

Author:Dr. Michael AhdootDate:2017-07-08
Are you worried that you've done something to cause your eye doctor? Read our blog to learn what caused your cataracts and ways to avoid them.

How Common Are Cataracts? - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-06-05
Are you worried you might have cataracts? Cataracts are not an uncommon age-related eye disorder. Learn more about cataracts, and how to detect them.

What is a Cataract - Read More

Categories:CataractsAuthor:Dr. AhdootDate:2017-05-09
Cataracts are a common age-related eye disorder that is easily treated. Learn about cataracts, how they form & how to prevent them.